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Using multiple visual cameras to sensing traffic, especially tracking of vehicles, is a challenging task because of the large number of …

In this work, we demonstrate yet another approach to tackle the amodal segmentation problem. Specifically, we first introduce a new …

A major problem in crowd counting is the varying size of human heads in an image due to the changeable camera viewpoint, perspective …

Games made by Jack12



A top-down shooter survival game. Players have to protect the RGM element towers from subversions. Ranked 3rd in Uity development community Jam.


A hard-core local multiplayer Action game. Players only have orthognal view but have to bounce off incoming bullets like Genji. Submitted to GMTK 2019 for theme “Only one”.


in Shanghaitech

Computer Vision I

Help solve problems related to computer vision. Supervised by Shenghua Gao from Shanghaitech

Game development with Unity

Help solve problems concerned with Unity and game development and judge students’ performance. Supervised by Brian Cox from Ubisoft.